love letters to rihanna


✎ live
☞ 20th of april 2017

True fans know:
Each year on 420 Rihanna is sending messages to the pothead community. This year a bunch of artists from Cologne is giving some love back and will celebrate 420 with a very special Tribute to Rihanna-show from the underground. There will be musical, cinematic, performative, pictorial and literary love letters to Rihanna. The artists involved come from a wide range of disciplines, producing abstract video clips, impressionist short stories, classical piano pieces, outstanding cover versions, dadaistic drawings, and all of them are pure loving RiRians.

I'd rather be smoking weed
Whenever we breathe
Everytime you kiss me
(Rihanna, James Joint)

With contributions by:

Albrecht Schrader
Anchi Trinh
Badgalhoney & DJ Fuego
Gregor Schwellenbach
Hermes Villena
Koxette feat. Danila Lipatov & Nela Doutch
Paul Trachtenberg
Pi-plot (Echo Ho & Ping Lu)
Sebastian Ingenhoff

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