kedi 2


✎ compilation
☞ 24th of april 2020

You loved KEDI, here's KEDI 2: A sampler by the baumusik collective and their special guests.

The Cologne underground and DYI scene comes out of its smokey basement with this diverse compilation where electronica, kraut-techno, and synthwave, rub shoulders with 80s dreampop, housy dancefloor tunes, and quirky oddballs.

KEDI 2 isn’t just a compilation and an ode to the unique and sacred 4/20 month. It’s also a cute, foldable, black 3D-printed USB-stick cat: the baumusik kedi. A special piece of art for music lovers, DJs, and collectors out there!

Get ready for a weird and wonderful musical journey compiled by our DJ Monibi. Featuring baumusik all-time favourites like romantics Koxette (IT, LU), dadaist druid Jeandado, dentists Cindy Moped and the Lark, new waver Opan (NZ), doom electronix artist Timothy Shearer (US). KEDI 2 also features baumusik debutants such as French-Czech pilot Antoine Bobicz; Tokyo-based kraut-techno band Bohrmaschine (US, DE); Berlin-based experimental electronica producer Kritzkom (FR); The Hague-based field-recordist Leonie Roessler (US/DE). KEDI 2 showcases the best of local eccentrics’ talent featuring music from Aerobics ft. Fairy, Kashoggi, HADE, Ruther, Serpiente, Cuy Borracho, BritKat, and Jakob Lebsanft.

The profits generated by the sale of KEDI 2 will be donated to charity working in refugee camps in Greece.


1. Aerobics ft. Faira - Mori No Naka
2. HADE - Zeit 2020
3. Cuy Borracho - Nebulo
4. Serpiente - Red Dawn Highway
5. Opan - The Ballot Box
6. Cindy Moped and the Lark - Man in White
7. Antoine Bobicz - Escalateur dans le ciel
8. Kashoggi - Like a Prayer
9. Jeandado - 2.23
10. Leonie Roessler - Iran (excerpt)
11. BritKat - 1
12. Kritzkom - Infinite
13. Timothy Shearer - Antarctic Steak Melt
14. Jakob Lebsanft - Specific Coast
15. Bohrmaschine - Sorcerer
16. Koxette - Milk
17. Ruther - Travels

A&R by Monibi
Mastering by Marcus Zilz
Hinge Cat by Johnny Baargeld
Cover Artwork by Malo
USB Stick designed, planned und supervised by Antonio de Luca
3D Print Artist and Modeler Julius Schmiedel
Vector Data by Mark Kempken

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