zo-on slows

temporary nation


✎ album
☞ 17th of december 2019

1. Bettina 07:06 (feat. Bettina Wenzel )
2. black lily 02:59
3.medicine woman 06:45 (feat. Patricia Kuellgis)
4.orchid 07:51 (feat. Bettina Wenzel)
5.peony pavillion 06:14
6.temporary nation 06:30 (feat. Lopsang Gelek)

Written and produced by: zo-on slows (aka. Echo Ho)
Vocals: Lopsang Gelek, Bettina Wenzel, Patricia Kuellgis, Echo Ho
Recorded and mixed at KlangBureau.de by Joker Nies
Mastered by Marcus Zilz

The Temporary Nation album is a standalone musical part of the worldwide mobile performance project. http://temporarynation.iam.pl/
Piotr Wyrzykowski’s and Echo Ho’s project Temporary Nation is dedicated to selfless collective creation, encouraging people to forget mobile screens, and re-enact the idea of connectedness. We recommend that App users take part in or organise themselves "conversations" with at least two people. Master seven bodily gestures immediately turn your mobile phone into a Temporary Nation instrument. By finding your personal choreographically approach, enable creating the pleasurable collective soundscape, and even an adventurous musical performance!

(*Temporary Nation is part of “+100” project which has been conceived by Roderick Coover, produced and co-curated by Katarzyna Boratyn under the institutional direction of Anna Szylar at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. The project is part of the international cultural program POLSKA 100 coordinated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, implemented as part of the NIEPODLEGŁA Program for many years 2017-2022. It was financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the Multi-annual Program INDEPENDENT 2017-2022.)

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