faux pas


✎ ep
☞ 5th of december 2019

Monibi is a French radio & club DJ based in Cologne, Germany. Her debut »Faux pas« is a 4 track EP - with an italo disco bonus track - lying somewhere between techno and broken beat, club-oriented electronica and wavy basslines.

The »Faux pas« EP comes a couple of month after her debut single »Ghaita la zorna« on the V.A. »KEDI« compilation from the Cologne based label and artist-collective baumusik. The music:
The opener "do you want me?" is a broken beat, electro-informed, technoid dancefloor-aimed track. It asks the question everyone asks and does not answer.

»Le torchon brûle« is an antisocial techno track aimed at the dancefloor. »Le torchon brûle« evokes current political dissension and discord in Europe, from Brexit, via les gilets jaunes, to the infuriating rise of the far right. »Le torchon brûle« was also the name of a French feminist magazine in the 70s.

»La mer à Marseille« is reminiscent of one of Monibi’s French hometowns, Marseille, and the dreamy shimmer of the sea.

»Nachtschicht« is a dark and moody rework of Piezo’s track “the mandrake”. It’s about working nights and against one’s natural sleep cycles.

The bonus track "1977" is an italo disco edit, rework, and tribute to the classic »African Warrior«, modernised for fun dancefloor use.

Sampling, production, mixing by Monibi
Artwork & Design by Malo
Mastering by Ferdinger

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