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gold und beton


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☞ 22nd of may 2018

There is a place in the center of Cologne, yea it's made of concrete, a lot of concrete. So it's from the 70s and it's a lot of concrete. In German for concrete we say BETON.
Martin Schmitz's ep is a solidarity recording for Cologne's EBERTPLATZ. The city's very own Administrative Manager and Cologne's Chief of Police decided to shut down part of the biggest inner city square in order to »restore security« and bring back law and order by closing down 4 independent art spaces, 2 African bars and a copy shop. Thanks to a wide public and political support, big campaigns and a lot of counter protest, these plans were fortunately crushed down. Ebertplatz lives and today it is stronger than ever before. This track is to honor this beautiful, unique space as one of the most urban spots of the city.

Download Bonus:
Gold und Beton - Official Video
A oneshot walkthrough over Ebertplatz by Meryem Erkus

Shoutout to MARTIN SCHMITZ and LUDWIG ZIBELL for this contribution.

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