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☞ 31st of march 2017

META_ÉTUDEN is a series of sketches form the multi-disciplinary artist and musician Timothy Shearer. The genre bending open structure of these experiments borrows from an array of references, and could be thought of as »ideas« reduced to their absolute attention deficit – at lest in term of the length of the pieces.

The melodies and rhythms were created entirely in Macintosh’s Garage Band and the app DM1 – this adheres to the free approach of a bedroom musician in the year 2016 – everything thrown into a blender without certainty of a particular statement. Yet, that is the exactly the statement. Much like the remix of Florian Kuhlmann’s Anruf in die Meta Moderne, the subject is stuck within a conversation with an automated system, and there is only one answer to the loop of frustrating and curious questions: Meta Modern

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