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a festive compilation


✎ compilation
☞ 17th of december 2016

This is our very first compilation. A Christmas gift for you.

We give it away for free, but we'd be more than happy if you were willing to pay an amount of your choice for it – 100% of the earnings for the compilation will be donated to Wadi e.V., an organisation which supports various programs and projects to empower people and strengthen human rights in the Middle East.

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Thanks a lot for your support! Have fun listening!

1. Mythos Amerika - Auf dem Billardtisch
2. Asiplastique - I Read
3. Camp Inc. & Han Brock - Dizzy Plants
4. Fürst Pückler - Christmys
5. Antonio D. Luca - A Tyrant, a Dictator
6. The Bad Ams - Carol of the Bells
7. Jetsam Isles - Sleptaweek
8. Igor Acid Amore - Schwipsbogen
9. Roland Kaiser Wilhelm - Two Lone Swordfish
10. Studio Vochem - Zur Konfirmation
11. George Jetsam - Ich habe keine Ahnung (live at Gold+Beton)
12. Koxette - Alice
13. Abel - Das blaue Nichts
14. Jeandado - Rüsmerk
15. Descartes' Daughter - Serial Killer Snowman

Compiled by baumusik artists and some friends.
Mastered by Jeandado.
Artwork by Malo.

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