im rüssel


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☞ 18th of november 2016

»Im Rüssel« is centered around a playful adaption of the overtones of Duke Ellington and the swinging storm-and-sleet troopers of Kraftwerk, blended with some of the good old four to the flour goodness. This is a record straight from the Paris of your dreams or the Warsaw of your fevers. The dancing nevers stops. And Jeandado laughs. Once again, we fell for his tricks... and oh, does it ever feel good to fall for Jeandado´s tricks. »Bauerbeiter« (»Constriction Wonker«), »Eumel« (»Doofus«), »Wurm im Abendrot«(»Worm in Dusk«) or »Schneeeule« (»Nyceta Scandica«), these are all instant classics of electronic music, or, as Jeandado likes to call it, »Gerödel« (»Bric-á-Brac« or »Hum-tee-tum«). So lean back into your back, pin up your ears-shmiers and get ready to rödel. And slowly, very slowly, start to watch and float your arms like antennae. Who, again, is Jeandado? It is you. It is me. And, most of all, he.

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