camp inc.

perché la notte


✎ LP
☞ 7th of october 2016

After having released several EPs and mixs and having played countless energetic club livesets, Cologne gearheads Camp Inc. finally turn up with their album debut "Perché La Notte" on Baumusik.

The album contains collaborations with Düsseldorf’s Salon des Amateurs resident Jan Schulte (aka Bufiman & Wolf Müller) and Cologne's infamous experimental trio and Baumusik label associates Colorist.

It opens up with “Der Springer”, a cover version of the Hall & Rauch song “Der Springer” featuring vocals by Keshavara and Paul Trachtenberg, enriching the original with some minimal wave-ism, gritty basslines and darker, almost R & B-like beats.
After acid house manifesto “These Machines Kill Fascists” and techno funk banger “Broke Vultures” (featuring Bufiman), the title track “Perché La Notte” (with Colorist) is painting a foggy soundscape culminating in a noisey drone orgy.
“Nervous Breakdown” is bringing the mood back to peaktime with some rattling techno, before the album comes to a highly philosophical level with “Two Robots Looking At Things”, featuring two androids debating in a very best Platon and Sokrates manner about god, techno and the world.
“William, This Is Really Dubbed” transforms every messy Baustelle into a funky Paradise Garage, before kraut-ish guitar-infused and atmospheric “Canım Benim” is dimming the lights – because the night still belongs to lovers.

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