faust remixed


✎ ep
☞ 27th of august 2016

Formally restless, effectively unconcealed and in their pathos on the verge of the acceptable. Colorist*s music is maybe best comparable to the films by Lars von Trier. Their desire for reinvention pushes them to the forefront of experimental and has gained the band a respectful reputation as Rheinland’s hottest insider tip with their shows ranging from theatric choir performances to dirty electronic sets or meditative organ works.

The trio consisting of Caroline Kox, Antonio d Luca and Fridolin Körner pulls off an epic piece of work with FAUST, almost of literary quality. That is also what the remixing artists had in mind when, instead of pushing for standard remixing protocol, they opted for a reinterpretation of the piece. Jens-Uwe Beyer (Magazine, PNN) picks up the dark atmosphere of the song and produces a track that reminds us almost of Horatiu Radulescu’s spectral music, ecstatic and motionless at the same time. Gregor Schwellenbach (20 years of KOMPAKT) goes into the exact opposite direction and focuses on the positive, cathartic aspect of Faust in a Harmonia infused krautrock orgy. Detlef Weinrich alias TOLOUSE LOW TRAX (Salon des Amateurs, Kreidler) shows what he's best at and brings a rhythmic firework of a track to the table.

As a special treat Colorist add bonus track RHEINGRAU on top, a afro-futuristic spectacle that culminates in a hot-air balloon of sound. The EP will be put out as an artist edition with the intriguing cover design by Düsseldorf artist Alex Wissel.

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