va banque

Va Banque is a collective of musicians from Cologne & Hamburg with varying cast. Launched as a classic band, Va Banque has dropped the solid band structure in order to benefit from the creative input of a more open concept.
The recording process of Va Banque is mainly withdrawn in the daft studio solitide in Hamburg City. Live however they incorporate friends and fellow musicians from Cologne-based Electronic-Improv-Collective „Elektrische Leiter“, to produce a gripping mix of monotonous krauty parts, yelling agitpop and weird electronics.
Dark drums and raw basslines that might remind of Joy Division or DAF are joined by guitars and vintage or modular Synths that could fit in a John Carpenter Movie.
After a series of DIY-EPs, Va Banque put out their self-titled debut album in 2011. Va Banque is now happy to join the warped and thrilling Baumusik-Family.

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