meraklı fatma

The Turkish expression "meraklı" could mean "curious, nosy, keen" but is also used in describing someone as fan/lover of sth. as well as a non-professional/beginner.
Sticking to her name, Fatma approaches making art in a rather playful and easygoing manner. She plays the Turkish bağlama - not so much using it in the traditional way but rather using a distinctive inconvenient style - and recently started producing electronic music with Ableton Live. Every now and then she sticks words on windows, makes up conversational games or gives out wordly wisdoms in exchange for beer money - which may or may not be considered conceptual art. Futhermore she has written articles for Missy Magazine, jadú and others and regularly proofreads at kaput magazine. As a founding member and acting treasurer of Kulturverein Baustelle Kalk e.V. she also curates events, such as "Pssst! Das kleine Festival der Stille" which will be held in September 2018.
Even though using mostly plain and quite minimal means, her artistic style is yet known to be lively, eclectic and open to all kinds of inspirations while always containing a humorous and rather tongue-in-cheek characteristic.

On a completely unrelated sidenote she also has a weird and unexplainable talent for bureaucracy, as in understanding tax declarations, legal applications or statute laws. (Just sayin´.)

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